Go Public.

It’s time to create value for everyone. We’re looking for entrepreneurial owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), because for the first time we're providing businesses like yours the opportunity to go public. For real. 

 As an 81-c portfolio business you will gain access to liquidity, maximum enterprise value and increased borrowing power through public marketplace capital. It’s time to reward you and your team for all that you have accomplished, with investment from your neighbors and their neighbors around the world.

An International Brand

Though our portfolio of businesses operate locally, we acquire brands across the globe.

Capital Resources

81-c portfolio businesses retain day-to-day operations while accessing previously untapped capital.

Employee Upside

Employees can access the value they helped create by investing in the portfolio of businesses.

New Economic Model

The 81-c approach is revolutionary, as it offers a new way to unlock the maximum value of your business.

Our Founders. Our Why.

I am driven by curiosity and how ideas have the potential to impact humanity.

Dan Abbate

I believe in creating solutions so people have greater freedom to live as they choose.

Jess Merrell

How It Works


81-c identifies businesses that are a match with our enrollment criteria, leaving entrepreneurs and operations intact.


Your company is rolled into the 81-c portfolio, shares of which are sold cumulatively as a Security Token Offering (STO) on the marketplace.


Funds invested in the 81-c STO are reinvested in the portfolio for growth and development, further driving the value of the STO. 

Our multi-step application process begins with the quality of the Entrepreneur and their team.
Initial business qualifications include:

Visionary Entrepreneur

Established Revenue History

$2M - $20M | >10% Net Profit

Top Tier Companies In Their Niche

Strong Management Team

Uncomplicated Capital Table

Enrollment Criteria

Seriously Though. Go Public.

If you are an SME entrepreneur, you might be a fit for 81-c. While our application process is rigorous, we make it easy to determine if your business is a fit for the 81-c portfolio. Start the conversation, right here, right now.

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